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When you are ordering any of “Erčia. Audimo namai“ goods, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

·       Make sure the address is entered correctly. The buyer is responsible for any inaccuracies in the address.

·       Cancellation is possible after 10 hours from the start of the order, later cancellation is not possible.

·       If the ordered item is shipped and the buyer wishes to return it, he must reimburse the seller for the cost of shipping it, the item shipped, and pay the cost of shipping the return item.

·       If an order is made for you on an individual request, the order cannot be canceled and the money paid will not be refunded.

·       If the shipment tracking information indicates that the shipment has been delivered and you have not received it, contact your nearest post office.

·       FORCE MAJEURE. "It simply came to our notice that Erčia.Audimo namai“ is not responsible for deliveries that have been affected by unforeseen situations, such as:

o   natural disasters: flood, fire, etc .;

o   government actions or omissions; new or amended legislation;

o   war, accidents;

o   air and ground transport strikes or delays;

o   the shop “Erčia. Audimo namai“ is also not responsible for customs duties or other taxes applicable in individual countries.

o   and for other contingencies.

·       The seller „Erčia. Audimo namai“ is not responsible for lost orders.

·       The seller „Erčia. Audimo namai“ is not responsible for late orders.

·       The seller „Erčia. Audimo namai“ undertakes to protect all personal information provided by the buyer from third parties and to use it only for the functions related to the sale and purchase.





·       All the orders will be sent via the post office of the Republic of Lithuania (

·       Seller undertakes order tracking no. delivered to the buyer within 24 hours, from the date of dispatch.

·       You will receive an order:

o   In Lithuania within 4-6 working days after sending the order.

o   In the European Union, within 6-10 working days after sending the order.

o   Elsewhere - within 20-25 working days after sending the order.


In order that weaving is a slow process, and the shop “Erčia. Audimo namai“ aims to give maximum attention to each product, so each product can be made with a longer production time, which takes 5-10 working days.

If the desired item is already manufactured, the seller undertakes to send it within 1-3 working days from the start of the order.



„Erčia. Audimo namai“ keeps the right to change any information related to prices, technical parameters of products, conditions of purchase and sale, etc.

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