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About me



How can I describe myself: someone who creates, thinks and enjoys what I create.  The feeling that craft (weaving in particular) lives in me and has apparently been running through my veins for a long time. It was enough to see the old craftsmen who weave, to revive the codes of the past, reflected in the fabrics left to us by our ancestors. That is how I got the good bacillus that I live with and share with you.

What ERČIA is? It is a very old Lithuanian word that refers to an empty area and space, a clearing or a part of a house that’s mostly unoccupied. For me, it is a space that encompasses the transcendent and the earthly being. It includes the notion of home where the divine and the earthly cosiness exist. Then the empty place ceases being empty, it is filled with the invisible and the visible. All ideas float in the invisible plane, whereas simple objects fill the visible plane. All this creates cosiness and presence on three levels: spirit, soul and earthly essence.

My work is often dominated by the diamond, a rhombus, which has a sacred meaning. The rhombus has a central point, representing the beginning, the sun and life. This is what the fabric of life is woven from, and weaving reflects that.

The rhombus also encodes more meanings. We can see the four axes of the world in it; the four corners of home. The top of the diamond symbolises the feminine, and the bottom – the masculine.



The preservation of ancient traditions, like the craft of weaving.

The promotion of small businesses.

The contributing to sustainable fashion ideas.

Because weaving is time-consuming, you can rest assured that the rug you buy will always have a touch of uniqueness and exclusivity. A piece of work like this will always claim to be one of a kind. The rug will have accumulated more energy, warmth and the attention of the person who weaves it.

I don't think the linen needs any introduction. It speaks for itself: always durable and natural.

By acquiring one of my woven rugs, you are bringing a piece of history and reflections of the past to your home.


I invite you to create together and let the magic come into your home.


Rasuolė Andriukaitienė

P.S. For customised orders please contact me in person. In this case the rugs are not returnable. IMPORTANT: The price of the rug increases by 15%.